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Solutions to Every Day Design Challenges

Imburgia Consulting, LLC delivers innovative design and construction solutions to CEOs, business and building owners, and developers and attorneys working in the building construction field. The company is headed by Steven Imburgia, a versatile visionary with over 35 years of hands-on construction engineering experience and a track record of successfully managing multiple complex projects and implementing ingenious resolutions to perceived or existing problems.

Imburgia Consulting treats each client as a top priority, providing personal consultations and advice in order to achieve the desired goals of all parties involved on a project. The company’s core competencies include:

  • Project management and estimation
  • Subcontractor management
  • Business development
  • Safety Training/OSHA
  • Risk management
  • Contractor selection & negotiation
  • Land acquisition
  • Proposal management
  • Pre-construction services
  • Budget development

Imburgia Consulting’s goal is to be your go-to consultant in all matters related to your building construction project, including your expert witness in construction legal matters, your manager of construction projects from start to finish, and your resourceful and strategic advisor when seeing the big picture and providing practical yet creative results are essential to achieve the goals of all parties involved.
Contact Imburgia Consulting, LLC at (713) 829-4044,, or complete the form below for a results-oriented consultation on your construction needs or if your company can benefit from legal expert witness services.

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